Global directory of 34,289 hedge fund industry professionals and investors from over 124 countries.

About Us

The Opalesque Solutions Hedge Professionals Database (HFP) is a community-driven directory of more than 30,100 industry professionals globally that work in, with, or invest in hedge funds and other alternative investments.

Most profiles of professionals have full contact information including: Name, company name, organization type, job role, email address, phone number, address and a description of the person. When searching for a professional, you can search by any field: First Name, Last Name, Company, Location (Country, City), Organization Type, and Job Role.

All profiles have a "Last Updated" date to show you how recently we have updated this profile in our database. With the "Add to My Watchlist" feature, you can add profiles to your personal Watchlist. This convenient tool allows you to group your critical contacts in a coherent and organized way to monitor your contacts.

Where is the data coming from?

The HFP database is unique in that it features many "off the grid" professionals who are very difficult to locate. Many are people whom Opalesque founder Matthias Knab met personally over the years at global events. We also research public records and listings, like SEC and IRS records. Contacts are also entered and adjusted by other HFP subscribers. Subscribers or HFP trial users can add themselves as well to the database.

The HFP database does not include data of people who registered themselves on the website (Opalesque Publications), as clients are protected by a privacy agreement.


For any information or help when subscribing please email or call +1 914 619 5223 during UK business hours.

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